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“Screwball Tragedy. You’ll Love ‘Em.” – Lord Brahma, Author of The ORIGINAL Meters

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Audio, Poems, Pictures, The Stories in Short,
And Some Surprises.

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The Omni Impongible 

~ Ponder The Imponderable Captain Impongible! ~

In Your MythsIn Your Myths

~ A Romp Through Greek Mythology ~

The Estrangement of Melusine

What Body, What Home, What Promise
Cannot Be Broken?

Lilith’s Children

~ A Feminist, Mystical, Playful Retelling of Genesis ~

The Riddle And The Sphinx

Can Lilith Guide A Female Faust in Hollywood?
~ An Epic Fable of Love ~

A Riddle

“It is quite clear that one has no use for a person
who has no I in a well-ordered police state.
But I also have no more use for the police state.”

The Song of Songs

~ The Love that Brings The Ultimate Union ~
~ An Erotic, Mystical Mystery Play ~

The Song of Songs

A wild-child becomes Queen of Ethiopia – and of
King Solomon’s heart.


~ The Greatest Hero & The Most Beautiful Woman
Together At Last ~
Can Achilles & Helen of Troy Last? ~

Becca Menon
Writer, Editor, Translator

“Becca Menon is building her works on rhythm. The most musical writer out there – and I do mean out there.” – Phil Schaap, Jazz historian, broadcaster and educator

“It is enough to entrust your work to Becca Menon. She has a gentle pen that embellishes and improves, not a surgeon’s knife that dissects and mutilate your invention.” – Manavaz Alexandrian, Writer and Translator, Iran

“Reading Becca Menon’s poetry I remember the old meaning of ‘poet,’ when to write a poem was not easy for everybody. One needed the strength of using rhythm and rhyme and more than that the ability of keeping silence when the poet has not any word precious for poetry readers. Becca, like old poets, appreciates her solitude, indifferent to propaganda. She still believes in the influence of TIME, as the best reader of poetry and the greatest reviewer.” – Farideh Hassanzadeh-Mostafavi, Iranian poet, anthologist and freelance journalist

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book covers graphic design:  John Bartelstone
Luke Ryan cover art:  In Your Myths
actors:  Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, Gabriel Rollinson and John Bartelstone
audio engineer:  John Bartelstone