A Riddle

Murder Mystery, Amnesia, Politics of Identity, Police State, Ego, Self, Madness, Societal Norms, Metaphysics, Vedas, SuperMan {~ a 5,971 word short gem from 1895 with around 16oo words of introduction ~}

~ Isolde Kurz translated by Becca: Smashwords ~ Becca Menon works & translations on Amazon ~


“It is quite clear that one has no use for a person who has no I in a well-ordered police state.  But I also have no more use for the police state.”


The story of a found manuscript and the intense tale of its enigmatic, amnesiac author:  a yarn complete with murder mystery and wily challenges to the reader regarding the Nietzschean nature, psychology and politics of identity.


Creative Commons Image of Isolde Kurz

Isolde Kurz [Translate this page] (1853-1944), once both widely admired and popular, was a prolific and erudite writer renowned for her fine style in a wide array of genres. While she did celebrate, and was celebrated by Nazi Germany, which she envisioned as the new Holy Roman Empire, she did not lose her humanity: she lent her then eminent name to a French manifesto against antisemitism and nationalism’s militarist excesses.