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“THE TOTAL NARCISSIST’S HANDBOOK” ~ A step by step program to total success as a total narcissist ~ Dictated by The Greatest!  JUMBO THE ELEPHANT ~

“The Song of Songs” ~ King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba at a women’s commune at play in a play:  a vision of Scriptures’ Canticles ~

“A Riddle” ~ A Nietzschean murder mystery, translated from the gem by Isolde Kurz ~

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The Omni Impongible 
Ponder The Imponderable Captain Impongible!

In Your Myths

In Your Myths
A Romp Through Greek Mythology

“The Estrangement of Melusine”
The Fairy’s Tale, The Woman’s Travail

Lilith’s Children
A Feminist, Mystical, Playful Retelling of Genesis

The Riddle And The Sphinx
Can Lilith Guide A Female Faust in Hollywood?
An Epic Fable of Love

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