Poems in words are okay, but JUMBO THE ELEPHANT is poetry!


“The Wife of Pain”

“The Sacrifice of Ishmael”

“But First You Must”

These pieces first appeared in:
Poetry Life and Times | PLT at Artvilla
Iraq Literary Review..Winter 2011 – Scribd
Kritya.in :: Home

~ “Braiding The Strands,” an excerpt from the forthcoming work of rhythmic fiction, “The Wondrous History of The Queen of Sheba” appearing in Peacock Journal (below) received a
nomination, October 2018. ~

~ Mother, Can You Hear Me? essay on poetry in Per Contra ~


~ “The Fairy Begs For Bacon” (with Audio), Kosmos Journal Quarterly, Fall 2018 ~

~ “Whatever You Do” as well as an excerpt from my translation of the antifascist Nietzschean murder mystery, “A Riddle,” by Isolde Kurz
in Orbis International Literary Journal #182 ~

~ Translation of Isolde Kurz’ sonnet “Sleepflakes”
in Ezra Journal of Translation Winter 2018 Issue ~

~ “The Ogre’s Daughters” in The Literary Nest  ~

~ 3 excerpts from a forthcoming verse novel, “The Wondrous History of The Queen of Sheba,” a translation of a sonnet by Isolde’s Kurz, & the Artist’s Statement On Beauty, a new poem, “Providence’ Salve” in Peacock Journal ~

~ “The Wife of Pain” reprint with audio in Wordgathering, Journal of Disability Poetry & Literature ~

~ “Buddha Nature” on NatureWriting ~

~ “Weeds” in Poetry Life & Times ~

~ “Stewing” in The Road Not Taken: The Journal of Formal Poetry ~

~ “To Work in the World” & “Lyric” in Mezzo Cammin ~

~ “Bodhi” in Poetry Life & Times ~

~ “Exhaustion” with audio in Antiphon Poetry Magazine issue 19 ~

~ 3 Poems as well as an Artist’s Statement “On Beauty” (a new poem)
in Peacock Journal ~

~ The Pleasure-Time of Good Queen Bess” Society of Classical Poets ~

~ A reprint of “But First You Must” in E-ratio Poetry Journal ~

~ “Flunking the Turing Test” in Poetry Life & Times ~


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