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Marina Tsvetaeva
translated by Becca Menon

I’m happy to live the standard, simply:
Like a calendar – a pendulum – like the sun.
A worldly, scrawny pilgrim who never whimpers,
Wise – like all things God has begun.

Understand:  Spirit goes with me – Spirit, my guide! –
Enters without a trace, like a flash or a ray.
I live the way I write:  spare as a cord.
As the Lord commanded but friends never sway.

Я счастлива жить образцово и просто:
Как солнце — как маятник — как календарь.
Быть светской пустынницей стройного роста,
Премудрой — как всякая Божия тварь.

Знать: Дух — мой сподвижник, и Дух — мой вожатый!
Входить без доклада, как луч и как взгляд.
Жить так, как пишу: образцово и сжато, —
Как Бог повелел и друзья не велят.

Other available translations appear to me to have overlooked Tsvetaeva’s formal and spiritual concerns.  So I take the liberty of interpolating a title from a word in this untitled poem from November 22, 1918.


A Becca Menon Poetry Sampler

Comfort Comes

Comfort comes in the calyxes of quiet

Where the mind takes rest from the thoughts that hide it.

Inside the psalmist’s blessing, the lesson:

The cup overflows with emptiness.

Let comfort come like soothing to body,
like cool in the hand of smoothest stone,
like care that assuages the spirit’s aloneness.

Let comfort come like the prayer of a goddess,

a great sacramental surrender, a promise

that quiet will blossom, that comfort come.

“The Wife of Pain”

“But First You Must”

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with thanks to a friend

 “Truth,” said the crone – spitting left, spitting right –
“is a plant that grows towards the light;”
she hawked, choked, then went on curtly,
“but always has roots in the dirt.”

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for a friend who is anxious in his sleep

Though afflictions and troubles test your mission,


you pay divine tuition:

as Jacob learned in angel arms,

the meaning of blessed

is accepting harms.