A Spirit Play


Hades and Persephone, Rulers of the Dead.

The Iliad, The Trojan War, Helen of Troy, Achilles, Thetis, Greek Mythology, Afterlife, Classical Drama, One-Act Play

Didn’t the Fates, the gods, and the Ancient Greeks themselves realize how they’d blundered regarding the most beautiful woman who ever lived, Helen of Troy?

No one was fit for her except another godling: the greatest hero, all glory-measuring Achilles.

Of course they realized it!

So, thanks to Achilles’ immortal mother, Thetis, there was an attempt to rectify that little slip-up after the parties had died.

Envious spirits from the Underworld swarm ’round to learn what happens on the Island of Leuke when Achilles unites with Helen of Troy…

Isolde Kurz explores gender-destinies and desires through that tale in her 1926 one-act play, a Classical drama in swift, syncopated 20th century verse.

Leuke Island in the Black Sea, photo from Isolde Kurz’s 1913 book Travels Through Greece

~ Isolde Kurz translated by Becca: Smashwords ~
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Okay, Achilles may have been the greatest hero in ancient Greece,
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